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To all Mission District 75 Parents and Students: Each year DPAC sends out a "Satisfaction Survey" to parents and students to get feedback of how our district is performing. The more participation we get, the more we understand how parents and students are experiencing education here. Your feedback gives us direction to advocate for what parents really want rather than the squeaky wheel always getting the grease. PLEASE, if you are a parent or a senior student, take 10 minutes out of your day and tell us what you really think. If you are an elementary parent, talk to your child while doing the survey If you are a Middle school parent. do the survey with your child If you are a senior student, do the survey on your own or with your parent. Your participation is appreciated. When we speak together we can have a profound influence on our school district.


Mission DPAC Parent Feedback Survey 2013/2014




Contact Us:

District Parent Advisory Council
33046 Fourth Ave
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 1S5




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