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Advocating For Your Child

DPAC follows the BCCPAC resource "Speaking Up" when assisting parents to advocate for their child. Know your rights and responsibilities and how to navigate the system. See the PDF "Speaking Up" resource here:

"Speaking Up"

If you would like additional support to help you advocate for your child please contact our "Parent Advocacy Committee" and we will put you in touch with someone who is experienced in navigating the school system to find the best outcomes to problems or disputes.

Send request to "Parent Advocacy Committee" at


Contact Us:

District Parent Advisory Council
33046 Fourth Ave
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 1S5



Past President:

          Cyndi Polovina 

Acting Chair: Karah Hutchison

Vice Chair: Karah Hutchison


Secretary: Cheryl Blondin


     Jessica Weismiller

Assistant Treasurer:

     Elisa Williams


    Clare Seeley

Members at Large: 

     Sheneal Anthony

     Destiny Cunningham

     Cheryl Blondin